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Hearse Services & Funeral Transport
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Janam Funeral Services

At Janam Funeral Services, We offer services which empathize the occasion. We have a fleet of vans and custom built hearses that can form the basis of your funeral entourage. As a reputable Funeral Services provider we also sell coffins and caskets to fit your funeral budget. In the event you need crematorium services, we will help you organize and get it right.  Our funeral flower arrangements will add warmth to the solemn funeral. Our funeral lowering gear will add that professionalism and ease. If you need to travel up country we have a  fleet of various capacities i.e. 7 seaters hearses to  40 seaters  buses, a modern Funeral Limo hearse is also available. Our hearses have made funeral transport costs more manageable.

What We Offer!

At Janam Funeral Services we offer the services below:


Funeral Flowers

We Offer Funeral flowers and floral arrangements to help show your love and support for those who are grieving. Our floral arrangements are in different styles befitting the occasion.


Hearse Services & Transportation

We provide hearse services in Mombasa & other parts of Kenya. Our fleet of fully equipped hearses, funeral cars,mini vans and buses will ease the pressures of transport during funeral times. As part of our fleet of hearses we have 7 Seater Hearses,12 Seater Vans, Mini Buses 32 Seaters and 50 Seater Buses.


Coffins & Caskets

We offer a wide selection of coffins to suit all your needs.Our Coffins and Caskets come in different tastes and budgets. Coffin details in line with transport arrangements.



We undertake Cremations in accordance with your personal, cultural and religious beliefs. All cremations are done at government registered crematoriums and adhere to the highest standards.



We undertake Repatriation of the deceased to his or her country of residence and also advice you with the documentation, liaise with next of kin and make it easier for you.